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Multi-year maturity
High-quality support
Bitcoin Education
Multi-year maturity
Safe Custody
Quality Support
Bitcoin Education
Multi-year maturity

If you had gifted Bitcoin instead...


Airpods were .20 BTC
on 12/13/16


Chromecast was .36 BTC
on 8/1/2013


Polaroid Instax mini 8 was
10.90 BTC on 11/1/12


Echo Dot was .068 BTC
on 12/1/2016

Gift bitcoin in seconds

From making it simple to give a gift to easy acceptance and cashing out, Moon has smoothed all the rough edges for you and your gift recipient.

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Ensure your loved ones are part of the economic future by gifting them Bitcoin today.

Bitcoin onboarding has never been easier

There are lots of hurdles to Bitcoin adoption. Remove all the friction and help your friends and family be part of the new crypto economy.

  • Gift Bitcoin to a loved one. 🙏
  • The recipient only needs a Google, Facebook or Apple account to claim.
  • Set an optional maturity date, to prevent spending too early.
  • Gift recipients get access to a dashboard, customized notifications, and Bitcoin education.
  • The gifter can follow along and provide recovery if needed.
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Choose a one-time gift or start a Bitcoin savings plan for the next generation.

"I don't really know what Bitcoin is, but now I have some and I don't tune out as much when my son talks to me about it."

- Carolyn Ortiz

"I'm not sure what this is, but I know it was sent with love. And hey, if it actually is worth something one day, that's cool."

- Ernesto Brott


How much bitcoin will make a difference in someone's life?

It's impossible to know how much bitcoin will be worth someday, but there are some helpful ways to look at Bitcoin's long-term value. Note: This is not financial advice.

One way to think about owning bitcoin is that it's a hedge against the future where Bitcoin matters. Buying a little now can "insure" your financial future in a world where bitcoin has a high value. If you believe in a future where Bitcoin matters, buying small amounts of bitcoin can result in a high-value long term.

There are lots of financial analysts out there predicting the price of Bitcoin. Please take all of it with a grain of salt. They're focused mainly on the short term.

Lastly, Bitcoin is still nascent compared to many new financial technologies. Only spend as much on Bitcoin as you are willing to lose. If you'd spend some money on gifting someone a scratcher, consider gifting Bitcoin via Moon as an alternative.

What does the recipient see when they login?

Once a recipient logs in to claim their bitcoin gift, they receive a quick explanation of a moon ticket. The Moon app will give all recipients an easy way to stay engaged with bitcoin while optionally learning about the technology.

A summary of the gift with a note from the gifter.

A quick explanation of what a moon ticket is.

Homescreen to track gifts and overall bitcoin balance.

What happens if the recipient doesn't claim their gift?

In your version of the Moon app, you'll see all the gifts you've given and their current status. At any time you can resend an invitation to claim your gift, and you can also change the email address associated with any unclaimed gift.

Every 6 months, we will email you to let you know that your gift is still unclaimed and provide you an opportunity to change the recipient's email address.

Can I take over control of gifted bitcoin if I need to?

When a gift of bitcoin is claimed, the recipient takes ownership of the bitcoin, but you can still see their balance and be part of a recovery process should they lose access to their account.

Recipients do have the option to remove you from their gifted account. In this case, you cannot help recover any lost bitcoin, but your recipient will maintain their privacy.

Are there any limitations to how long you'll hold an asset?

After 5 years of a gift being unclaimed and no action from the gifter side, we will comply with your state's laws with regard to how unclaimed balances will be handled.

How does a recipient "cash out" or turn their BTC into USD?

When a recipient wants to turn their BTC into USD or any other fiat, they will have to perform a Know Your Customer (KYC) check to verify their identity. After KYC is completed, a recipient can send their BTC to any BTC wallet or to any exchange for conversion into USD or any other currency.

Can I use these solutions for myself?

Of course! If anyone wants to use our solution to add to their portfolio, you always can.

What happens if a recipient wants to cash out before their maturity date?

There is an additional transaction fee of .0005 BTC when cashing out.

Are there any limits to the value of a gift or recipients?

At present, we do not allow gifts of greater than $500 USD at time of purchase.

What is a "moon ticket"?

A "moon ticket" is a fun metaphor for owning some Bitcoin. When you gift a moon ticket via Moon, you're helping someone own Bitcoin without them having to worry about the hassle of self-custody or learning about Bitcoin. You can just make sure they've got a small stake in the future of Bitcoin. It'll be there for them when they're ready. By gifting someone a moon ticket, you also give them access to free Bitcoin education and updates about current Bitcoin news.

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"I'm extremely excited about Moon's approach to onboarding regular folks to Bitcoin."

"Moon has taken the stance that just because people aren't going to learn about Bitcoin doesn't mean that they have to miss out, and we're here for it"

"If this really works to get mass adoption of Bitcoin, we're going to see a very cool future."

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